Easter 2017
March 26-April 16, 2017
March 26, 2017- Choose Life Deuteronomy 30:15-20
April 2, 2017- Coming Home Luke 15:11-32
April 9, 2017- Bringing Us to God Mark 15:21-39
April 16, 2017- Do You Believe in Easter?
April 23, 2017- Guest Preacher Rev. Bill Dieckman, Retiring DOM of the CMBA
Recognizing Children and Preschool Ministry Volunteers
March 19, 2017- Everything I Really Need to Know About God I Learned in Preschool Choir Matthew 18:1-4
Reach 1: Sharing Your Faith and God's Family with Others
February 19-March 12, 2017
 Witnessing to others is the most feared and neglected part of following Jesus.  In this message series, Pastor Dee helps us understand why sharing our faith is so essential to the Christian life and the growth of God's kingdom.  Then, he offers practical guidance in how you can grow as an effective witness.  
February 19, 2017- The Master Says, “Bring Them In” Luke 14:15-24
February 26, 2017- Seeds I Can Sow Mark 4:30-32
March 5, 2017- We’ve a Story to Tell Acts 4:20
March 12, 2017- From One Who Never Heard
January 1, 2017- Three Steps to a Truly New Year, Matthew 7:7-8
January 8, 2017- All Things New, Revelation 21:1-5
January 15, 2017- The Calling of a Servant, Isaiah 6
January 22, 2017- To Be God's People Part 1, Matthew 5:1-12
January 29, 2017- To Be God's People Part 2, Matthew 5:1-12
February 5, 2017- Guest Preacher Dr. Andre Rogers
February 12, 2017- What is Love? 1 Corinthians 13
The Christmas Journey
November 27-December 25, 2016
We observe Advent as a season, not just Christmas Day as an event, because preparing our hearts to understand and receive the gift of The Christ Child takes time. This series of messages, “The Christmas Journey,” invites you to spend time with some of the key characters of the Christmas story and reflect on the gifts Jesus brought into their world and stands ready to bring into yours.
November 27, 2016- The Journey to Hope Luke 1:5-25, 57-66
December 4, 2016- The Journey to Love Luke 1:26-56
December 11, 2016- The Journey to Joy Luke 2:8-20
December 18, 2016- The Journey to Peace Luke 2:25-35
December 25, 2016- The Journey Home Matthew 2:1-12
I Have A Question
October 23- November 13, 2016
Why do people, especially good people suffer? In this message, Pastor Dee helps us understand some of the sources of our suffering and the life-changing question we can ask to get us through life’s dark valleys.
Where can you find a solid place to stand when you're suffering? Part 2 of "Why Do People Suffer?" shares truths we know about God and ourselves as God's children that can strengthen and encourage us in tough times.
Many people go through life with a gnawing sense of insecurity about their relationship to God. They wonder "Am I saved? Will I go to heaven?" In this message, Pastor Dee helps us see the sources of much of our spiritual insecurity and reminds us of the reasons we can have confidence in our salvation and our destiny.
Many people have questions about the future of God’s people, about heaven and the experience of eternal life. No one can describe eternity in one sermon, but this message celebrates some of the wonderful truths God has given to us about our future with Him.
October 23, 2016- Why Do We Suffer? (Part 1)
October 30, 2016- Why Do We Suffer? (Part 2)
November 6, 2016- How Can I Know I'm Right with God?
November 13, 2016- What is Heaven Really Like?
November 20, 2016- Returning to Give Thanks (Monologue) Luke 17:11-19
Six-String Sermons
September 11- October 9, 2016
 Where have you seen God lately? You’ll experience greater joy and peace when you learn to see God at work in your life and our world. This message includes Pastor Dee’s song, “In a Million Ways.”
We can find renewal and spiritual refreshment by revisiting the songs through which we’ve learned and celebrated the Christian faith. This “Six-String Sermon” begins with Pastor Dee’s song, “When I Sing the Old Songs,” a fond look back at the times and ways Christian music has strengthened his spiritual life.
Can people really make a new beginning? Can relationships that seem dead come back to life? Pastor Dee shares a song and a message based on Ezekiel's discovery in the Valley of Dry Bones, "Dead Bones Can Live Again."
Life is short. Knowing that can help you live more abundantly. In this message, Pastor Dee shares a song he's written about how quickly life passes, "So Far, So Fast" and outlines some ways that knowing life is short can make us more fully alive.
September 11, 2016- Seeing God "In a Million Ways"
September 18, 2016- Dead Bones Can Live Again
September 25, 2016- When I Sing the Old Songs
October 2, 2016- The Curtain Must Come Down
October 9, 2016- So Far, So Fast
October 16, 2016- Rev. John Harmon, Minister of Families
August 7- September 4, 2016
When your navigation device directs you to make a U-turn, you know you’re headed in the wrong direction and need to make a dramatic change in where you’re going.  Some of the most important moments in our spiritual journeys come when God sends us the message that we’re going the wrong way and need to turn our lives around.  This message series explores changes of direction we need to make in our relationship with God, our children, our spouses, the church, and ourselves.
August 7, 2016- Make a YouTurn with God
August 14, 2016- Make a YouTurn with Your Child
August 21, 2016- Make a YouTurn in Your Marriage
August 28, 2016- Make a YouTurn with the Church
September 4, 2016- Make a YouTurn with Yourself
July 3, 2016- Christian Citizenship: Remember Who You Are
July 10, 2016- Rev. Jack Maguire, Jesus, the Pioneer and Perfecter of our Faith
July 17, 2016- Rev. David Deming, Christ In Me
July 24, 2016- Stopping Violence Before It Starts
July 31, 2016- Reaching Out With a Withered Hand
June 12, 2016- Everyone Needs a Philip
June 19, 2016- Jesus is the Light
June 26, 2016- Another Touch
May 1, 2016- I'm Approved by Christ
May 8, 2016- How To Hold Your Child
May 15, 2016- Giving Love a Good Name
May 22, 2016- Writing Living Letters
May 29, 2016- Dress for Where You're Going
Defeating Depression
April 3-10, 2016
This life-need series will help you understand what depression is, how to reduce your risk of becoming depressed, and how you can help yourself and others when we fall into the grip of this illness.
April 3, 2016- Don’t Trash God’s Temple
April 10, 2016- As You Think in Your Heart
April 17, 2016- Don’t Trash God’s Temple
April 24, 2016- As You Think in Your Heart
Lent and Easter
March 13-27, 2016
Messages from this holy season invite you to follow Jesus to Jerusalem, the place of costly service, experience the victory Jesus won for you on the cross, and hear the good news of Easter that every ending is, through Christ, a new beginning.
March 13, 2016- Will You Go To Jerusalem?
March 20, 2016- It Is Finished
March 27, 2016- The End is a New Beginning
Do This and Live
January 24-March 6, 2016
Jesus says that loving God and loving others is the key to abundant living.  These messages present the four life-giving secrets of the Great Commandment: Love God, Love God with all that you are, love yourself, and love your neighbor.
January 24, 2016- Love God
January 31, 2016- Love God with All You Are
February 7, 2016- Love Yourself
February 14, 2016
February 21, 2016- In the Boat With Jesus
February 28, 2016- I’m Running My Race
March 6, 2016- You Made Us for Yourself
Christmas Question
December 6-January 17, 2015
The Christmas season gives us the opportunity to ask life’s most important questions. This series will invite you to ask questions about keeping Christ in Christmas, receiving the Christmas gift of salvation, and keeping the meaning of the season alive all year.
December 6, 2015- What Are You Expecting?
December 13, 2015
December 20, 2015- Will You Open Your Gift?
December 27, 2015- Are You Packing Up Christmas with the Decorations?
January 3, 2015- The Feet and Shoulders of the Past
January 10, 2015- Leadership is for Lovers
January 17, 2015- The Power of a Dream