Ronald “Dee” Vaughan, Pastor

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Dr. Ronald “Dee” Vaughan became St. Andrews’ Senior Pastor in December 2011. He is a native of Greenville, SC and is a graduate of Furman University (B.A.) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.). “Dee,” as he is known to most people, has served as a student minister, a campus ministry intern, a hospital chaplain, a fire department chaplain, and, since 1982, has served as senior pastor of five congregations. Dee is married to Linda, a native of Gaffney and a graduate of Furman University. Linda teaches adult education for Lexington School District 2. The Vaughans are parents of three children; Elizabeth Davison, a special education teacher, wife of Pastor Josh Davison, and mother of Liam, Creighton, and Josiah, the Vaughan’s amazing grandsons. Josh and his wife, Jen, live in Charlotte, NC where they both practice physical therapy. Andrew is a student at Midlands Technical College and works at Fatz Café in Irmo.
Preaching is Dee’s passion. He loves to present messages in unique and creative ways. You might see him wearing a backpack full of rocks, carrying a piece of rope, or portraying a child speaking to parents.
Dee enjoys sharing his ministry through writing. He has written over one hundred adult Bible study lessons for Lifeway Christian Resources and has published sacred drama and worship resources. In 2015, Dee published his first book, “The Stories of My Life,” a collection of personal experiences that have taught him about God and the art of living. A second book, “Seeing in the Dark: Biblical Meditations for People Dealing with Depression” will be published by Smyth and Helwys in 2017.  Dee is also in the process of publishing a third book, “Messages from Mayberry,” a collection of spiritual life lessons taken from Dee’s favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.  
Dee has taught religion classes at Anderson University, pastoral care courses at the T. Walter Brashier Graduate School at North Greenville University, and continuing education courses for pastors at the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in Honduras.
Musically, Dee enjoys playing the guitar and banjo. He recently recorded a collection of songs he’s written through the years, “Singing in the Key of Dee” as a gift to his children and grandchildren. Dee has a passion for coaching people who are seeking a more abundant life in Christ. He loves to serve at St. Andrews because “I have a front row seat to see God do amazing things.”


Books and Recordings by Dr. Ronald “Dee” Vaughan

The Stories of My Life

“Tell me your story.”
When you offer that invitation, you want to know someone at more than a surface level. You want to know where they’ve been, what they’ve done, who they’ve loved, and what they’ve learned about the meaning and mystery of life along the way.
You share your faith by telling your story. Christians believe that God is present in this world and is at work in our lives, so when we talk about our faith, we naturally tell the stories of those moments when God has revealed Himself to us.
These are the stories of my life, more than two hundred moments when God revealed Himself to me, teaching me something about Him, about myself, and about the miracle and mystery of life. May my stories inspire you to discover your own so that your faith may grow and you will be ready to share this precious gift with others. Available at

Seeing in the Dark: Biblical Meditations for People Dealing with Depression

Does the Bible have anything to say about depression?

In thirty-five years of serving as a pastor, counselor and chaplain, Ronald “Dee” Vaughan has learned that this is not an academic question to people who ask it. They ask about the Bible’s relevance to this illness when they or someone they love need spiritual strength to survive depression’s emotional and spiritual darkness. Through private counsel, support groups, sermons, and now through this book, the author answers those struggling seekers, not only as a student of the Bible, but also as a survivor of depression. During his own time of illness, Vaughan kept a journal of scripture passages, quotations, advice and personal discoveries; truths that gave him help and hope, glimpses of spiritual light that guided him through the darkness toward healing and health. Through this book, he shares those life-giving discoveries with you.

This collection of Biblical meditations is designed to be used as a daily devotional resource. Along with each scripturally-based meditation is a prayer based on that chapter’s life lesson and a truth to affirm, a short summary statement of each meditation to help you remember and share what you’ve learned. The author’s prayer is that this book will help you see heavenly light in depression’s darkness. This book is available in paperback and e-book format from Smyth and Helwys, Amazon and Barnes and Noble and in paperback at St. Andrews Baptist Church.

Singing in the Key of Dee: Songs Written and Performed by Dr. Ronald “Dee” Vaughan

Music has always been a joyful part of my life. My parents were and my siblings are musicians. I love to sing, play and, occasionally, write music. This project began with my desire to record some songs I’ve written over forty years to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. This is not by any means a studio recording. This is one guy, his iPad and a room full of instruments. Credit or blame me for everything you hear on this recording. Some of these sixteen songs are purely fun. Others were written for special occasions, including my children’s weddings. Still others tell stories of steps I’ve taken on the journey of faith. Thank you for welcoming me into your life for a little while to sing “in the key of Dee.” This collection is available on iTunes and Amazon Music for download, and CD Baby and St. Andrews Baptist Church for the compact disk.

Though I Walk Through the Valley: Stories and Songs to Help You through Tough Times

If someone you love has been facing tough times, you may want to give them a gift of encouragement, a way of lifting their spirits and reminding them of God’s faithfulness. Several years ago, Pastor Dee and his friend, Charlie Miller, recorded a collection of eleven inspirational stories that speak especially to people who are hurting. Pastor Dee 

wrote and narrated the stories, then Charlie Miller arranged and played hymns and songs of faith to support and enhance each story. Michael Ellis engineered the recordings and oversaw production of the collection. Though I Walk Through the Valley is available on CD in the St. Andrews Baptist Church office for $10 or can be mailed on request.

Beside Still Waters: Stories and Songs to Help You Pray

Many of us long to deepen our prayer lives, but don’t know how. Through words and music, Beside Still Waters offers you guidance and encouragement for the journey. These stories, selected and narrated by Dr. Ronald D. Vaughan, blend practical teaching and personal testimony to encourage you to pray. Along with each message is a melody. Charlie Miller has arranged and performed great hymns and songs of the faith to open your heart to God’s presence and peace. Come, find your place of quiet rest, beside still waters, near to the heart of God. Recorded and engineered by Mike Ellis, this collection is available for $10 at St. Andrews Baptist Church or can be mailed on request.

Coming Soon

Messages from Mayberry: Spiritual Life Lessons from My Favorite Episodes of The Andy Griffith Show

Go to church with the good people of Mayberry.

For more than half a century, viewers have loved The Andy Griffith Show, not only for its wholesome humor and unforgettable characters, but also for the life lessons so many episodes teach. Pastor Ronald “Dee” Vaughan put that Mayberry magic to work in his church’s worship services, showing a particularly edifying episode, then going from the script to the scripture to explore life issues from a Christian perspective. Messages from Mayberry contains Pastor Vaughan’s messages based on twenty-six of the most uplifting episodes of the show. Let these life-centered sermons be your invitation to take your seat in the All Souls Church in Mayberry, NC and hear a message that will deepen your love of a great television show and deepen your understanding of the Christian life. This book should be available in early 2018.