St Andrews Baptist Church Preschool Ministry

Anchoring Children's Faith that they may learn to navigate the waters of life.
Psalms 119:33

Looking for more information on attending St. Andrews for the first time with children? Read more here.

The preschool years from birth through kindergarten are all-important foundational years of growth, discovery, and learning. Because they are so important, we provide the following quality programs to help build strong spiritual foundations in the lives of boys and girls during these early childhood years.

  • Sunday School (Sundays, 9:15 am)
  • Extended Teaching Care (Sundays, 10:30)
  • Preschool Choirs (Wednesdays, 6:00 pm – see Music Ministry)
  • Mission Friends (Wednesdays, 6:45 pm)

Each program features hands-on, age-appropriate activities in learning centers, as well as large group learning experiences that focus on Bible concepts relating to eight subject areas: God, Jesus, Bible, Creation, Family, Self, Church, and Community & World.


Other areas of ministry to preschoolers and their families include:

  • First Contact (ministry to new and expectant parents)
  • Parent/Child Dedication Services
  • Weekday Preschool
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Family Festival

Information for first time guests:

These policies have been developed to help us give your child a safe, healthy environment:

  1. What to Bring
    Please label your child’s bottle, pacifier and diaper bag. We request that you include disposable diapers. If your child is in training pants, please send extra pants and a change of clothes. Be sure these are labeled.
  2. What NOT to Bring
    Since we offer a complete curriculum with all necessary toys and materials, your child should NOT bring any toys to the classroom.
  3. Sick Children
    Children with above-normal temperature, colds, a persistent cough, rash or any contagious disease should not be brought to the preschool areas as infection of others may occur. Parents must be sure that their children are free from signs of illness before bringing them. If a child becomes ill while in the preschool area, the parent/guardian will be requested to come to the Preschool area to pick up their child. Teachers do not administer medications.
  4. Security-Keeping our Children Safe
    Every child must have a nametag  to be admitted to a preschool class room.  Only ADULTS are allowed to pick up preschoolers. When you get to the classroom, PLEASE KNOCK AND WAIT FOR A TEACHER TO COME TO THE DOOR. You should not enter the classroom unless you are scheduled to help that day.

General Information
•    If your child is experiencing difficulties, please do not discuss them in front of him.  The teacher will be glad to talk with you when the child is not present.
•    Do not leave a child in a room unless a teacher is there to receive him. Stay with the child until the teacher arrives.
•    Avoid slipping away from your child. Tell him/her in a kind, firm voice that you are going but you will be back soon, then leave immediately. If your child is upset and refuses to be comforted, someone will come for you.
•    Please help us to use our time for teaching, by feeding your older child before you leave home. Infants and babies will be fed formula, juice or water from plastic bottles (please label with your child’s name) as provided by the parents. Older preschoolers may be served a small snack such as crackers or cheerios.
•    In order to provide the healthiest environment possible, ALL classrooms, cribs, toys & linens are cleaned and disinfected after each use and foot covers are used in all baby rooms.
•    At least two adults are present in classrooms at all times.
•    For the protection of all, only women change diapers and assist in the bathroom.
•    Birth Announcements: When you enter the hospital to deliver your newest family addition, please contact us at 803-798-7325.
•    Parent Commitment: If you would like to participate in a Parent Commitment services, please contact us at 803-798-7325.